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CRP346 Universal Art Tool Holder
CRP346 Universal Art Tool Holder

Universal Art Tool Holder

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Provides an adaptive holding methods to paint with ease.
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The Universal Art Tool Holder is a soft universal cuff with adjustable closures and an attachment that holds a paintbrush handle in the palm pocket. This adapted holder is designed for artists with diminished hand strength.

The Universal Art Tool Holder is designed with a soft nylon universal cuff that straps securely onto the right or left hand with adjustable closures. Inside the holder is a “T” shaped brush holder that pivots into place and holds brushes, pens, and pencils. The holder has a wide handle that can be held between two fingers or can be guided by the movement of the artist’s arm. This universal holder allows the user to provide leverage and control of the art tool without gripping. Made from high-quality materials, the holder will adjust to fit the hand as the young artist grows. The Universal Art Tool Holder provides an adaptive holding method for users who have difficulty gripping to paint with ease.

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