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Vanity Cap Straw Holder Bottle Cap
Vanity Cap Straw Holder Bottle Cap

Vanity Cap Straw Holder Bottle Cap - Discontinued

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Package of 6 soft plastic flower shaped caps.
Part Number: AAB130
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The Vanity Cap Straw Holder Bottle Cap package of 6 replacement caps that hold a drinking straw and fit standard bottle tops. This unique flower shaped soft plastic cap securely grips the top of plastic, glass or metal beverage bottles and remains in place while the user drinks through a straw.

The Vanity Cap creates an easier, drip free way for users to drink from plastic, glass or metal bottles using a straw. This bright colored bottle cap straw holder was analyzed by the US consumer Product Safety Commission and found to be "safe for all ages". This product can prevent children from swallowing or choking on plastic or metal caps. Adults will also find the cap helps make drinking from a bottled beverage easier too. Hollywood Celebrities were the first to enjoy these unique flower shaped bottle caps. Now everyone can have fun and drink safely from a bottle with a straw using the Vanity Cap.

Each Vanity Cap measures 2.5 inches in diameter, 0.5 inch high and is made of BPA free plastic. Each package includes 6 bright colored flower caps (2 blue, 2 red, and 2 yellow).

Vanity Cap Straw Holder Bottle Cap Specifications:

  • Measures: 2.5 inches diameter, 0.5 inch high.
  • Material: BPA free plastic.
  • Colors: Blue, Red, Yellow.
  • Package: 6 caps, 2 of each color.

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