Vegetables are hard to eat, but they don’t have to be!

Today, June 17, 2014, is Eat Your Vegetables Day. It’s good to be reminded every once in a while that we should eat our proper share of vegetables, but let’s face it—it’s hard to be consistent when it comes to eating nutritious foods.

Veggies tend to be harder to eat

Not only can it be difficult to eat vegetables consistently in this busy world of fast food and microwaves, but for those with limited hand strength and motion, it can be difficult to eat foods that are not easy finger foods like chicken nuggets and pizza.

Scooping a spoonful of corn or sticking a bundle of string beans and lifting these foods to the mouth at the appropriate angle requires strength and dexterity. Therefore, it can be difficult to eat the two to three cups of vegetables per day that are recommended for adults.

Establish a foundation

When trying to make eating easier for yourself, you will want to set your foundation first. Make sure to have a plate or bowl that won’t slide around and that will keep your food from rolling all over the place.

Scoop veggies with one hand

GripWare Scooper Plate

GripWare Plastic Scooper Plate

The GripWare Plastic Scooper Plate features a rim that gradually rises to one side and allows you to round up food toward the high side of the rim and scoop upward. The rubber feet on the bottom keep the plate from sliding on the table, making it convenient for those who must eat with only one hand. This extremely handy plate is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Non Skid Scoopy Scoop Dish, Red

Non Skid Scoopy Scoop Dish, Red

Add some flair to your kitchenware with the Non Skid Scoopy Scoop Dishes. These are scoop dishes with a gradually rising edge, and they come in four different colors. The Non Skid Scoopy Scoop Dishes are great for light meals, such as salads, and the different colors can be used to offer contrast for the visually impaired.

Picky eaters keep veggies separated

Partitioned Scoop Dinner Plate

Partitioned Scoop Dinner Plate

If you are a picky eater, you may not want your vegetable juices running into each other. Keep your vegetable sides separate with the Partitioned Scoop Dinner Plate.

Utensils with extra features

Adaptive plates are not the only things to consider for those with eating limitations.

Finger Loop Dinner Fork

Finger Loop Dinner Fork

The Finger Loop Dinner Fork and Finger Loop Teaspoon are designed with a specially-angled loop on the handle for people with limited hand dexterity and gripping ability.

Good Grips Fork

Good Grips Fork

Angle the bowl of your spoon or the prongs of your fork to an angle that suits you best with the Good Grips Eating Utensils. These utensils are especially handy for those who cannot twist and turn their wrists easily.

Using these eating tools to make maintaining your vegetable regimen easier will help you persevere through your eating goals.