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Verilux® Original Full Spectrum Floor Lamp - Discontinued

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The Original Verilux? Full Spectrum? Floor Lamp!
Part Number: VD9560
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There's only one Verilux® Original Full Spectrum® Floor Lamp! This floor lamp is brighter, produces less glare and helps your eyes and mood better than those cheap imitations. You'll notice the difference instantly!

Now 20% brighter, the Original Full Spectrum® "indoor sunshine" lamp utilizes 50 years of research expertise to scientifically tune light for the eyes of readers, crafters and computer users. See fine details with ease as exclusive Verilux® technologies optimize black-white contrast and reduce eyestrain-causing flicker and glare. This means that you can work longer with less eyestrain. Verilux® Original Full Spectrum Floor Lamp actually relaxes your eyes the more the lamp is used.

Check out the other differences - the flexible gooseneck adjusts smoothly and quietly, the exclusive Parabolic Light Diffuser totally eliminates glare from a bare bulb, the three-way switch allows two levels of illumination. The Verilux® Original Full Spectrum® Floor Lamp is also fully supported by the manufacturer's 3-year limited warranty.

The lamp that started the full spectrum craze is available in Graphite and Ivory finishes. And unlike the other imitations, only the Verilux® Original Full spectrum® Floor Lamp includes the famous energy-saving Verilux® Global Cooling™ 27 W bulb. These bulbs last 10X longer than incandescent bulbs (10,000 hours).

Verilux Original Full Spectrum Floor Lamp Specifications:

  • Height: 48 inches high positioned at a 90° angle, or 61 inches extended.
  • Base measures: 10.5 inches long, 9 inches wide.
  • Head measures: 9.5 inches long, 5.75 inches wide, 1.75 inches high.
  • Cord Length: 6 feet.
  • Weight: 10 lbs.
  • Replacement Bulb: CFML27VLX.

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