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Ways To Prevent Dropping Items

Did you know that today is World Juggling Day? This day was established by the International Jugglers’ Association in the ’80s.

If you use a wheelchair and find yourself trying to carry objects and drive at the same time, you might actually feel like a juggler sometimes. While juggling on purpose is a fun pastime or even a professional sport, being forced to “juggle” your iPad, notebook or paper plate while sitting in your wheelchair is no fun at all.

A way to stop juggling items in your lap

This World Juggling Day, let us show you some mobility aids that will help you do precisely the opposite of juggling. With these lap boards, keep your phone, book or other object where it belongs: on you and not on the ground or flying through the air!

A special grip surface

Lap Board with GRIP Surface

Lap Board with GRIP Surface

Let us introduce you to the convenience of the Lap Board with GRIP Surface. This is not your normal lap tray. Measuring 11 inches wide and 14 inches long, the Lap Board with GRIP Surface features a strong grip non slip surface that keeps items on board but is not tacky or sticky. Ride to work and roll freely while holding papers or folders that will stay securely in your lap. It is often great for receptions or other social functions where resting items on a table is not an option.

Dimension choices

GRIP Solutions Long Lap Board

GRIP Solutions Long Lap Board

If you would like a longer lap tray pad, try the GRIP Solutions Long Lap Board. This is made of the same patented material as the Lap Board with GRIP Surface but measures 8 inches wide and 18 inches long. Both of these boards are easily cleaned with dish washing soap and water or disinfectant wipes.

The GRIP Wedge for writing, reading

GRIP Wedge

GRIP Wedge

The brilliant GRIP Solutions material is also offered in another shape with the GRIP Wedge. This angled lap pad is perfect for taking notes on the fly or using a tablet, laptop computer or phone. Relax on your commute to work by reading a book on the GRIP Wedge without having to hold it up or juggle it in your lap.

Juggling is fun but not when you are trying to get everyday tasks completed. With these smart aids for wheelchair users, you will no longer feel compelled to be a world-class juggler!

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