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CDCB6313 Diestco Wheelchair Crutch Carrier
CDCB6313 Diestco Wheelchair Crutch Carrier

Diestco Wheelchair Crutch Carrier

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Long bag for carrying forearm and under arm style crutches on the back of a wheelchair seat with push handles.
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The Diestco Wheelchair Crutch Carrier is a durable bag designed for carrying forearm or underarm type crutches on the back of a wheelchair. The long bag features inside straps to keep crutches secure.

The Diestco Wheelchair Crutch Carrier is a well-designed, durable equipment carrier bag ideal for people using a wheelchair for long-distance mobility who need to carry crutches too. The crutch carrier bag for wheelchairs with push handles has 2 straps that loop over the push handles. The crutch bag is constructed of high-quality water-resistant fabric and is made in the U.S.A. The bag is easy to install, allows users to easily remove the crutches from the bag, and does not interfere with folding the chair. For mobility scooters, the Diestco Scooter Crutch Carrier is also available for chairs with solid, scooter-style seats. People with disabilities who use a wheelchair and crutches will find the Diestco Wheelchair Crutch Carrier bag helpful for carrying forearm and underarm style crutches.

PDFDiestco Wheelchair Crutch Carrier Information

PDFDiestco Wheelchair Crutch Carrier Instructions

Diestco Wheelchair Crutch Carrier Specifications:

  • Material: Water resistant fabric.
  • Made in: U.S.A.
  • Color: Black.
  • Measures: 8 inches wide, 25 inches long, 5 inch diameter.
  • Fits: Chairs with push handles.

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