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Wheelchair Handle Extenders : 8 inch
Wheelchair Handle Extenders : 8 inch

Wheelchair Handle Extenders : 8 inch

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Easily attach to almost any wheelchair
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The Wheelchair Handle Extenders add 8 inches of height to standard style wheelchair push handles or stroller handle. These helpful extensions are ideal for anyone who is average height or above.

The Wheelchair Handle Extenders are easy to attach to almost any mobility device and can be quickly adjusted to the user's height. A quick release handle allows for easy adjustment and removal. Most standard wheelchairs have a push handle height of only 36 inches from the ground, which can cause back strain, neck strain, and poor posture for caregivers when pushing a wheelchair. These Wheelchair Handle Extenders provide better control, posture, and comfort for the caregiver. A second set of clamps for added stability and an optional headrest seat extension are also available by special order.

Wheelchair Handle Extenders Specifications:

  • Includes: One pair of extenders with clamps.
  • Materials: Aluminum construction with black rubber grips.
  • Adds: Up to 8 inches of height.
  • Made in: USA.

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