Do you have an elderly mother or grandmother who seems to be cold all the time no matter how much she adjusts the thermostat or covers up with blankets?

It is a common problem among senior citizens, male or female. We are excited to offer a new line of products called Janska WellnessWear, a clothing line made to be comfortable while sitting.

Before taking a look at some of the convenient features of these products, lets take a look at a few common reasons why some individuals in the aging community tend to get cold easily, even in spring and summer months. While medical causes like anemia or diabetes are more serious issues, the problems below are also very common.

Lower metabolism

A natural part of aging is having a lower metabolic rate, according to a New York Times article.

A lower metabolism makes it harder to keep the body's overall temperature at the normal rate of 98.6 degrees. For this reason, it's important to eat regular meals to keep the metabolism up.

Thinning blood vessels

As we get older, the walls of many of our blood vessels become thinner, leading to a greater loss of heat due to lower circulation.

As with many conditions individuals may experience when they age, loss of healthy blood circulation can lead to many such uncomfortable scenarios. Taking warm baths and using hot or warming pads are just a few remedies that can help increase circulation.

Thinning skin

The skin, especially the fat layer under the surface of the skin that traps body heat, also gets thinner.

Wearing extra layers of clothes or jackets can help counteract the effects of these changes.

Sitting-friendly clothes for staying warm

The problems of getting colder for senior citizens can lead to back-and-forth with other younger members of the family about what temperature the thermostat should be set to.

Part of the problem is that the elderly individual may not want to wear bulky, limiting jackets and blankets while indoors. And who could blame them?

Our winter wear products may be just what you need.

Care Active Wheelchair Winter Poncho

The Care Active Wheelchair Winter Poncho, for example, can be easily placed onto someone in a wheelchair, is easy to slip on and off, with cozy and warm sherpa lining for full protection and comfort.

Check out our other adaptive outerwear, including:

So next time your elderly family member struggles with being cold, you can consider these causes and possible solutions to a very common problem.