Finding a career that suits us is hard enough as it is, but finding one that can accommodate to the needs of those disabled can be twice as difficult. There needs to be a good level of patience and understanding, nowadays that’s hard to find anywhere. Of course, what might be a good career for me might not be a good one for someone diagnosed with arthritis. The first step to finding a career that works for you is to understand the type of work you’re capable of doing.

Helpful Resources

Chances are, if you’re disabled and still capable of work then applying for disability will simply be disappointing. Yet, there are few employers out there that are willing to take someone in if they openly admit that they have a disability that might make them slower at their job or unable to attend every work day. That’s why there’s resources to help aid you in finding a job that suits you best.

One of the most credible resources is the Social Security website that offers many programs based off of your disability.

  • Ticket to Work - A program that offers those receiving social security or disability a way to succeed in their career by receiving a part-time employment to increase monthly earnings.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation - Getting back into the workforce can be hard after a serious injury or illness that can leave you permanently disabled, but this program offers a variety of resources to help you get back on your feet. It can offer college education, special training/coaching, therapy/guidance, job placement assistance, and even transportation.
  • Selective Placement Program - This process offers aid in finding disability-specific jobs, there are two different processes to this program. A competitive hiring process or a non-competitive hiring process. All it takes is a resume, a description of the type of career you want, geographic preference and proof of disability. The rest is up to the program.

Stay Comfortable While Working

The most helpful tool to those with disabilities is to not overwork or overexert yourself in any way. Stay comfortable and know your limits. If you have achy joints or muscle spasms, compression wraps and joint supports can help.

Working in a wheelchair can be tough, too. Some people might think it’s easy just because you’re sitting, but sitting in one place for hours is almost more uncomfortable than standing in the same place for hours. Metal supports don’t feel so good on achy muscles and joints and padded seats can only be so comfortable for so long. Wheelchair accessories that aid in comfortability can be a tremendous help throughout the work day.

Working with a disability doesn’t have to be stressful, there are tools out there provided for your comfort and resources provided for your career. Don’t settle for an employer that doesn’t understand the struggles you face, find a career that suits your lifestyle and understands what you need.


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