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Zipper Pull Clear Loop

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Easily attaches to zipper and can be tucked out of sight.
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The Zipper Pull Clear Loops attaches to zipper tabs to provide a discrete extended loop that is easy to grasp. This zipping aid does not require pinching and is helpful for individuals with limited finger dexterity.

The three inch long monofilament nylon loop with clip attaches to the zipper tab. Zipper tab must have a hole to attach the clip. Place your thumb or finger in the loop and pull for easy opening and closing of zippers. The clear loop can be tucked out of sight. Package of 3 Zipper Pull Clear Loops.

Zipper Pull Clear Loops Specifications:

  • Package of: Three zipper pulls.
  • Material: Clear monofilament loop with clip.
  • Measures: 3 inches long.

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