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3pp ThumSling
3pp ThumSling

3pp ThumSling

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Flexible thumb wrap for CMC thumb joint support.
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The 3pp ThumSling is a contoured strap that wraps around and "hugs" the CMC joint. This soft thumb splint provides light support and compression to reduce CMC joint subluxation and grinding pain.

3pp four-way stretch material provides even compression without adding bulk. The non-slip foam lining keeps skin clean and dry while providing a soft, secure hold without rolling or binding. The wrap around design eliminates constriction around the thumb. A 2 inch removable stay is included for added control wherever it is needed. The hook closures can be engaged anywhere on the strap for a custom fit.

To determine the size, lay hand flat and measure around the MP joints (large knuckles). Specify size and Left or Right.

3pp ThumSling Information

3pp ThumSling Specifications:

  • Color: Gray.
  • Small/Medium fits: 6 - 7.25 inches.
  • Medium/Large fits: 7.25 - 9 inches.
  • Material: Latex free, four way stretch with foam lining.

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