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AMD145 Thumb Helper Thumb Exerciser
AMD145 Thumb Helper Thumb Exerciser

Thumb Helper Thumb Exerciser

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Provides a variety of exercise options to promote thumb strength.
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The Thumb Helper Thumb Exerciser provides a variety of resistance exercises for strengthening the thumb and individual fingers. Color-coded elastic bands are included for progressive exercise resistance to increase isotonic strength and mobility of the thumb. People with CMC arthritis will find this easy-to-use exerciser increases flexibility, relieves joint stiffness, increases range of motion, and increases circulation to help relieve thumb pain.

The versatile design of Thumb Helper provides a variety of exercise options for increasing resistance and varying the range of motion. The included color-coded, elastic bands are used to adjust the resistance level for progressively increasing strength. Two stacking spacer pegs are included that easily attach to the frame to provide different levels for increasing the range of motion. Convenient and comfortable to use, this progressive resistive exerciser is easily adaptable for use as a single-digit exerciser and can be altered to meet the needs of different individuals. The Thumb Helper is great for strengthening the thumb and opening the webspace and is ideal for the end stage of rehabilitation of flexor tendon injuries.

Thumb Helper Thumb Exerciser Specifications:

  • Includes: Color-coded latex rubber bands, two stacking spacer pegs, and instructions.
  • Color: Purple.
  • Measures: 8 inches long, 2.25 inches wide, 5/8 inch high.
  • Made in: USA.

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