Allopathy or Homeopathy

Which practice of medicine is more effective?

It seems as though there is a consistent debate regarding the effectiveness of homeopathic medicine versus the practice of traditional allopathic medicine.

So what’s the difference?

Allopathic Medicine: Implements the use of pharmacological drugs and other physical interventions to either treat or suppress diseases and health conditions. Homeopathic Medicine: Encourages healing and wellness by examining the root cause of the illness rather just treating the symptoms.

So the age-old question is, can you do both? Or does one have to supersede the other? The answer is not so simple. Many people that suffer from chronic conditions, such as migraine headaches, skin conditions like Psoriasis or dry and itchy skin may be more inclined to seek a homeopathic course of treatment. The desire to not ingest so many drugs may be homeopathically substituted for these aforementioned ailments, as well as temporary conditions, such as strains, sprains, muscle or joint injuries.

Conversely, someone with a more serious condition, such as Parkinson’s disease, Osteoarthritis, hypertension, diabetes or even rheumatoid arthritis, may be more inclined to go with the more traditional allopathic route for treatment; homeopathic remedies often accompany traditional medicines as a way of implementing add on therapies; side effects from customary medications can be significant and one may be more inclined to opt in, if possible, for the less risky treatments.

And yes, homeopathic and allopathic medicine can be combined with each other because these ‘medicines’ are derived from different sources. According to the website,, “the benefit of taking both allopathic and homeopathic together is that homeopathic medicines improve the immunity and resistance power to the patients system.”

In addition, unlike pharmacological treatments, the homeopathic approach does not always provide for immediate results—sometimes it can take months or even years for it to alleviate the symptoms.

It should be duly noted that medical practitioners warn that using homeopathic remedies should not be used in conjunction with steroids, antibiotics, analgesics, and tranquilizers. And as with any treatment, be sure to consult with your trusted physician before starting any type of medical regimen.

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