Needs such as basic hygiene like shaving are often overlooked in those with disabilities, someone with Parkinson’s or MS doesn’t first think of shaving when adapting to their disability. Our hair never stops growing, so eventually the need for a safer alternative will arise. Nowadays, traditional razors have been replaced with electronic, safe gadgets that are meant to decrease the chance of shaving too deep.

Safe Alternatives

Electric razors are great, but they can still be dangerous when used in unstable or weak hands. Shaky hands mean an unsteady grip, and without a proper grip, a proper shave is almost impossible to achieve. The Universal Electric Razor Holder fits most brand name razors and offers a secure fit for those with a weak grip, making it a safer alternative.

Shaving isn’t always just about a proper grip, it’s also about the hard to reach areas such as calves, thighs, and behind the knees. Disabilities such as arthritis that cause stiff joints and frequent aches can make regular leg-shaving more of a chore than it already is, but something like a Razor Extension Handle can make it a more enjoyable routine. It is designed to fit standard and electric razors, but it can also be used to extend the reach on other utensils as well. It adds 19” of length for easy reach and use.

Another option to steady shaky hands is a Weighted Razor Cuff, offering more weight for a more precise shave. Weighing at 1 ½ pounds, it is easy to use and gives more control to the user. The strap is also adjustable to fit hand size to preference.

Don’t stick with traditional razors that can cut, bruise, or irritate skin. Taking appropriate safety precautions by using adapted shaving aids can improve daily routine. Other adaptive holders for razors and toothbrushes are also a good start to an easy morning and a safe routine.

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